Modding the BIOS


BIOS modding is optional.


The BIOS mod may permanently break TPM. Consider this if you wish to proceed, especially now that TPM is required for Windows 11.

A modded BIOS will allow for more optimizations to be made for macOS and will overall make your hackintosh better. I am a BIOS modding novice myself, but with these instructions, I was able to mod my x1c6 BIOS in less than one hour. I fully recommend doing this for all who think themselves capable. Furthermore, the default config.plist for this repository is meant to accommodate a modded BIOS with appropriate settings. If you cannot mod your BIOS or is unwilling to do so, use Vanilla BIOS.plist.


CH341a SPI Programmer and SOIC8 Clip

The CH341a SPI Programmer and SOIC8 Clip are needed to dump, mod, and flash the BIOS chip. There are better and more profession alternative devices but I've found this one to be adequate for the job.

Purchase from


The BIOS chip is located above the CPU, under the sticker shield:


Here are the steps to mod your BIOS (credits to paranoidbashthot and \x). Attempt this at your own risk.

  1. Refer to digmorepaka/thinkpad-firnware-patches.
  2. Use xx_80_patches-v*.txt, I commented out WWAN patches since I do not need it.


@notthebee also has a useful video to follow:

  1. Remember to dump the vanilla twice and use diff to make sure things were dumped properly, store this backup somewhere safe.
  2. Confirmed working BIOS-v1.45, I cannot be sure about other BIOS versions. Though they will most likely work as well.
  3. The modded BIOS does not need to be signed by thinkpad-eufi-sign. Remember to replace 4C 4E 56 42 42 53 45 43 FB with 4C 4E 56 42 42 53 45 43 FF on the patched BIOS.

  4. Your BIOS chip may not be made by Winbond, but by Macronix instead. In that case, add the argument -c MX25L12835F/MX25L12845E/MX25L12865E to flashrom. See Issue #116

  5. Successfully modding your BIOS will reveal the Advance Menu tab.

BIOS Advance Menu

  1. It goes without saying, after doing this, do not update your BIOS unless you want to do this again.