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Does everything work?

Core functions work flawlessly. Notable non-functional features include the fingerprint reader, WWAN, and USB 3.1 Gen2 hotplug.

Is this project maintained?

Yes, until eventually my x1c6 dies or macOS phases out update (even then, it'll likely last a few more years).

Can this brick my laptop?

Not very likely, expect drive wipes and lost time, however.

Can you port this for X machine?


How do I keep my Hackintosh setup updated?

Currently, there is no automatic solution available. For now, I recommend you create a GitHub watch alert and update the EFI as it comes along.

Basic References


Please read, or at the least, browse through these great resources to get an idea of what's going on before proceeding. This is especially important if this is your first time (OpenCore) Hackintosh-ing.


If I missed something here, refer to the official OpenCore docs first, then Dortania's docs. Only then, if you still haven't found what you're looking for, seek Google or forum help.

  • Additionally, references specific to the x1c6 are located in docs/references/

Function Summary


Feature Status Dependency Remarks
Apple Music Lossless (DRM) iGPU is incompatible with Apple's Lossless DRM. Try using an external DAC.
Fingerprint Reader DISABLED in BIOS to save power if not used in other OSes. Linux support was only recently added
Wireless WAN DISABLED in BIOS to save power if not used in other OSes. Unable to investigate as I have no need and my model did not come with WWAN.
Load Apple's Graphics Micro Code (GuC) See Issue #103. Will never work AFAIK due to inherent incompatibility.

Video and Audio

Feature Status Dependency Remarks
Full Graphics Accleration (QE/CI) WhateverGreen.kext -
Audio Recording AppleALC.kext with Layout ID = 21 -
Audio Playback AppleALC.kext with Layout ID = 21 -
Automatic Headphone Output Switching AppleALC.kext with Layout ID = 21 -

Power, Charge, Sleep and Hibernation

Feature Status Dependency Remarks
Battery Percentage Indication SSDT-Battery.aml and /patches/OpenCore Patches/Battery.plist
CPU Power Management (SpeedShift) XCPM and CPUFriend.kext, generate your own CPUFriendDataProvider with CPUFriendFriend or one-key-cpufriend.
iGPU Power Management XCPM, enabled by SSDT-PM.aml
NVMe Drive Battery Management NVMeFix.kext In my experience, NVMe drives will drain more power than SATA drives.
S3 Sleep/ Hibernation Mode 3 SSDT-Sleep.aml
Hibernation Mode 25 RTCMemoryFixup.kext and HibernationFixup.kext Supported, macOS uses mode 3 by default. Change to mode 25 via pmset.
Custom Charge Threshold SSDT-EC.aml, YogaSMC.kext, and YogaSMCPane Adjust with YogaSMCPane in System Preferences
Fan Control SSDT-EC.aml, YogaSMC.kext, and YogaSMCApp Adjust with YogaSMC App.
Battery Life Native, comparable to Windows/Linux. Biggest impact is TB3, see docs/ Will need a modded BIOS to disable CFG Lock

Input/ Output

Feature Status Dependency Remarks
WiFi Native with BCM94360CS2, Intel AX200 is preferred. See /patches/ Network Patches/ for patches.
Bluetooth Native with BCM94360CS2. Intel AX200 is preferred. See /patches/ Network Patches/ for patches.
Ethernet IntelMausi.kext Needs Lenovo Ethernet adapter: Item page
HDMI hotplug Custom EDID Override /patches/Internal Displays/ Refer to Issue #60 if one does not exist already for your display.
4K UHD output via HDMI/ DisplayPort (Modded BIOS) See DMVT Pre-Allocated to 64M See docs/ for information about modding the BIOS.
4K UHD output via HDMI/ DisplayPort (Vanilla BIOS) See /patches/OpenCore Patches/4K-Output-wo-BIOSmod.plist -
USB 2.0, USB 3.0, and Micro SD Card Reader SSDT-XHC1.aml -
USB 3.1 ⚠️ SSDT-TB-DSB2-XHC2.aml USB 3.1 Gen2 hotplug will likely never work. It is also neither planned nor currently worked on. If you need USB 3.1 Gen2, coldboot the machine with the device attached.
USB Power Properties in macOS SSDT-XHC1.aml -
Thunderbolt 3 Hotplug SSDT-TB-* Native interface within System Report

Display, TrackPad, TrackPoint, and Keyboard

Feature Status Dependency Remarks
Brightness Adjustments WhateverGreen.kext, SSDT-PNLF.aml, and BrightnessKeys.kext
HiDPI (Optional) xzhih/one-key-hidpi Scaling issues post-sleep fixed with AAPL, ig-platform BAAnWQ==
TrackPoint VoodooPS2Controller.kext -
TrackPad VoodooPS2Controller.kext or VoodooSMBus.kext and VoodooRMI.kext VoodooRMI.kext is recommended and preferred over VoodooPS2.
Built-in Keyboard VoodooPS2Controller.kext Optimizations recommended, see docs/
Multimedia Keys BrightnessKeys.kext and YogaSMC YogaSMC is recommended and preferred over ThinkpadAssisstant

macOS Continuity

Feature Status Dependency Remarks
iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime Whitelisted Apple ID, Valid SMBIOS See dortania /OpenCore-Install-Guide
Continuty Native with BCM94360CS2. ExtendBTFeatureFlags to True otherwise. See /patches/Network Patches/ for specific network card.
AirDrop Native with BCM94360CS2. ExtendBTFeatureFlags to True otherwise. See /patches/Network Patches/ for specific network card.
Sidecar Native with BCM94360CS2. ExtendBTFeatureFlags to True otherwise. iPad with >= iPadOS 13 Tested with iPad Mini with iPadOS 13.1.2
FileVault as configured in config.plsit per Dortania's Post-Install
Time Machine Native TimeMachine only backups your Macintosh partition. Manually backup your EFI partition using another method.