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Getting Started

Creating the macOS Installer

Please refer to Dortania's Creating the USB.


Often as above, the project will defer universal steps to Dortania links. Hence, this repository is meant to be used in conjunction with their guides.

Using the Respository

  1. With the macOS installer has been created, you can use the EFI inside install EFI to install macOS onto your drive.


It is generally a good idea to keep the install drive with OpenCore around. As you tweak your own opencore.plist, things may break and you will not be able to get back into macOS using the system's OpenCore. In those times, you can use the install drive to boot into macOS.

  1. Once macOS has been installed, boot the installed macOS paritition with the existing installer USB and complete new user setup.
  2. Use the EFI inside EFI-OpenCore for the macOS drive's EFI partition. If your BIOS is unmodded, add the contents of config_unmoddedBIOS.plist to the main config.plist.


At this point, your machine should boot into macOS without anything attached.

  1. There are a few other things to review and add on before your Hackintosh can be complete. Please proceed to Post Installation.


Actively refer to Summary to get an idea of each functioning parts.